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Deck refinished with water proofing in Portland

If you want to know if it’s time for deck refinishing or maintenance, you need to be familiar with the signs that indicate imminent problems. 

When you see these problems developing, you can schedule service ahead of time to avoid bigger issues later. 

Find out what signs to look for so you can schedule timely services with our best deck contractors Portland has to offer.

Signs you need a deck repair:

Damaged deck boards ripping, splitting, or crumbling away from the boards themselves are obvious. Look for splinters and cracks that will eventually widen into open wounds on the wood. 

It’s also possible to hollow out some boards before they split, leaving holes behind. If you see this happen, especially in the case of hollowed-out woods, you’ll either have to replace or repair damaged wood. 

Eventually, though, the damage will show up just as you were expecting. The holes will widen, and the wood will become weak.

There isn’t any visible water damage. For instance, if a spill has occurred on the floor, and the water has dried up and settled, there’s still no sign of it on the wood. 

However, if there is water damage, some splintering may have occurred. If nothing else has happened, and you can’t see any sign of water damage, that means the wood has not begun to crack or splinter.



If your boards have cracks, they’re likely old. Old wood expands and contracts depending on the humidity, and it often develops cracks as it ages. Cracks are common with material that hasn’t been properly maintained, and new decks are generally installed after some amount of drying out.

The first step is to simply assess the damage. If you have a large crack, you may have to replace the entire board or section of the board…but if the crack is small, you can probably get it by replacing just one or two boards. 

In either case, you will want to contact one of our Portland deck repair specialists to determine whether the repairs are a do-it-yourself job or whether you should instead seek out professional help to replace the damaged boards. Even small cracks can lead to major structural damage.

Signs you need deck maintenance done sooner:

If you notice dark splotches forming on the exterior surfaces of your decks and patios. Dark marks can be caused by a number of things, ranging from weathering (the process of gradually wearing away of a material) to insects, rotted wood, moisture, and so much more. 

In order to repair these marks, we first need to strip the rotted wood off of the surface, which will require some careful lifting and scraping. After removing as much of the rotted wood as possible, we then need to prepare the new surface by painting or staining it. 

If the damage caused by weathering has already been repaired by staining, then the only thing left to do is apply the new stain.

Before any of this is done, though, we’ll need to consider how badly damaged the boards are and what kind of boards they are. The most common types of boards used for patios and decks are pressure-treated lumber, composite decking boards, and pressure-treated redwood. 

If you have an old deck that’s been damaged severely, you’ll need to choose either a composite board or pressure-treated lumber. It has excellent color and texture characteristics. Call us today and book your free assessment with one of our trained professionals.

Portland Worker sanding down the deck with electric sander


The answer to “Which is better, painting, or staining your backyard deck?” can be a fairly easy one, if you know a bit about the process involved in each. 

While both methods of covering and protecting your deck can be extremely useful, it seems that many homeowners go with painting their decks because it’s easier. 


Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of staining your deck versus painting your backyard deck.

The biggest benefit of a paint job is that it looks great right out of the box. Your deck’s surface will be totally transformed from a plain surface to something completely different. 

Painted finishes look incredible because they are so consistent no matter what color you use.

Another benefit of painting is that you don’t have to deal with rotting deck boards. This is a common problem associated with wooden decks. 

With the staining process, you’re preventing this problem from occurring. Using a vinyl coating will also help to keep your deck dry from the rain.

Both methods are going to give you a beautiful-looking deck. Decks that are painted are easily maintained and you can hide any flaws.

So, it really comes down to what you want for your backyard deck. If you want a deck that will be beautiful for years to come, then you will want to consider painting or staining

While it does take some extra time and work, the painting will save you a lot of money in the long run. If you decide to go with staining, make sure that you choose a deck coating that will help protect your deck.

Whatever you decide on, hiring our team will help get the job done right the first time. There are some important things to know about painting or staining your deck. 

Paint or Stain:

Painted or stained wood will last longer and look better for longer if it is properly maintained. 

This is a great way to build the value of your home and be more proud of it when it comes to showing it off to potential buyers.

Another important thing to keep in mind when it comes to painting or staining your deck is to use a good quality paint or deck coating. 

When you use a cheaper coating or paint, you can expect to have trouble with it fading or chipping. 

If you use one of the better paints or coatings, however, you will find that your project will last longer and need less maintenance. 

Some people also prefer to use two coats of paint or a layer of deck coating so that they do not have to sand or scrub their wooden surfaces as often.

Many homeowners don’t have the time and patience to paint or stain or even take on deck resurfacing

Calling our skilled deck professionals will put your mind at ease knowing that we handle any size project. 

If you have any questions, contact us today and book your free no-obligation quote. We look forward to meeting you! We also partner with house painters in Hillsboro, OR who can help with other home improvement projects.

Portland Deck Repair of a rotten piece of board


There are a lot of deck repairs that can be done by homeowners or even take over after minor damage is done. A few repairs, however, may be more complicated than others and requires the help of a professional deck service. 

The most common repairs include broken deck boards, deteriorating deck tiles, splintering deck boards, broken railings, and cracked foundations. 

While some of these can happen due to normal wear and tear, many occur as a result of environmental factors. For example, decks can be damaged by heavy rains, storms, strong winds, and hail, all of which are likely to happen at some point.

Broken Deck Boards:

One of the most common reasons that decks need repairs is because they have sunk too far down to even be able to be salvaged. 

In this instance, the only option is to completely replace the entire deck, which is obviously not cost-effective. 

Falling leaves and branches can cause major damage to wooden decks that are not properly protected.

Another very common reason for deck repairs is the buildup of vegetation on the surface of the deck. Greenery can attract a variety of pests and insects, some of which are harmful. 

In addition, without proper insect control, the growth of vines can cause vines to grow into the structure of the deck, causing it to deteriorate and collapse.

Some decks also become slippery when wet or rainy weather sets in. This is typically a minor problem that occurs often, but it can pose a risk of serious injury if a person were to trip or slip and fall. 

It is important to keep in mind that untreated wood can be susceptible to splintering, especially when it becomes wet and becomes more humid.

When a section of the deck fails to properly join the ends, it can cause sections of the deck to sag or weaken in the center. 

This can result in the weakening of the entire deck, which is especially worrisome in older decks that may no longer have the ability to support the weight of day-to-day use. 

In addition, cracks in the deck can also allow water to seep underneath, causing mold and mildew in the future. 

Cracks that cause this type of damage should be repaired immediately, as they can also lead to structural failure of the entire deck.

Poorly maintained decks can also suffer from insect infestations. The presence of bugs and spiders can leave unsightly and unhealthy damage to the area of the deck closest to the house. 

Common areas for these insects include the undersides or corners of boards, where they feed by sucking plant juices. These pests can also penetrate holes and crevices made by the insect itself or splinter from the wood. 

Furthermore, they can cause damage to the boards themselves through feeding and nesting, which can also weaken the boards permanently and need to be replaced.

All of these conditions are a sign that the deck itself needs to be repaired in some fashion. 

Our Portland deck remodeling specialists will be able to identify any of these problems before they have the chance to cause more damage to the areas around your home.

Our crew of highly skilled deck refinishing professionals will provide you with a free no-obligation quote! 

A Glimpse At Our Completed Deck Projects

New Outdoor Patio Deck completed with cedar
Portland Backyard Deck Final Project completed
Final Deck Project


Portland Deck Contractors

Have you ever considered adding a deck to your home?

One of the most attractive features that a new homeowner could wish for on their property is a beautiful deck installation from one of our best deck designers in Portland. It will add instant curb appeal and set you apart from your neighbors. 

There are many reasons why a homeowner would want to install a deck around their home. It can add square footage to the property and provide a wonderful location where you and your family or guests could gather and enjoy the great outdoors. 

However, before you install a deck, there are many factors to consider to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

While decks are generally very durable, they can also be very expensive projects to take on yourself as a homeowner. Therefore, hiring our team of deck contractors will save you money. We offer affordable deck options and have the most competitive prices in the industry. 

Before we start, it’s important to carefully consider how a custom deck will affect your house’s value and the way it will function as a functional part of your home.

Decking materials come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and styles. They are made from various types of wood and plastic that can be painted to match the shade of your decking or finished in a wide variety of stains. Decks are available in all price ranges and can be installed by one of our own contractors.

A beautiful patio deck is also a great place to put a barbeque so that family members can cook and bond while you enjoy the weather. Many families also take advantage of decks when they have outside movie nights, cookouts, or pool parties.

One of the most attractive features of a deck is the fact that it allows you to use all the space available for you. By installing a deck onto your home, you will be able to create an outdoor room that can be used for relaxing.

If your yard has a unique appearance that you’d like to accentuate, decks provide a great place for you to put in decorative elements. Decks are a perfect place to plant flowers, create your own vegetable garden box, or display unique statues.

Finally, with so many reasons to install a deck, there’s no reason not to include one in your future home plans. Call us today and book an appointment with one of our deck pros.


Composite Wood Deck option for backyard deck

When building a new deck, it’s often easy to select one of the many decking material options that we have to offer. But you should always keep in mind the different materials, their suitability, strength, durability and longevity, when picking the material for your new deck. 

You can have the deck of your dreams constructed using any of the decking material options we can offer you.

Redwood decking is one of the most popular wood varieties used for decks because of its durability and strength. Redwood is also resistant to decay, has a gorgeous dark color and excellent dimensional stability. 

Redwood is available in many beautiful wood shades and grain patterns. It is easy to maintain.

Pressure-treated lumber is another popular wood used for decks. This wood decking material is stable and strong and has a wide range of staining options.

The composite decking material is gaining popularity for both residential and commercial applications. It offers similar characteristics to both wood and pressure-treated lumber. 

It’s available in a variety of colors and patterns and is well suited for both premium decking and standard decking. It can be used for decks of any size, whether it is for residential or commercial applications. This decking material is low maintenance and is very durable.

Rubber decking is made of recycled tires and rubber composites that are molding to create a strong, durable decking material. It can withstand extreme weather conditions and is suitable for use on any kind of outdoor deck. Prices vary depending on the size and quality of the individual slabs.

One of the easiest options for treating hardwood decks is to coat them with a protective sealant. The coating we use is quite thick and is applied to the entire decking surface, including the joints. It is important to treat each board at the same time in order to evenly cover the deck.

Regardless of the deck material options that you choose, your deck will be a talking point for neighbors for years to come. Make sure that your deck is properly maintained so that you won’t have to put up with conversations about how unsanitary your pool deck or playground deck is! 

For extra tips on caring for your deck, contact us today for any questions you may have. We will be able to answer any questions you have and provide you with advice on the best ways to maintain the condition of your decking.


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