Deck repair in Portland, oregon

Expert restoration and repair work for your deck

Do you need deck repair services? Not sure?

Oftentimes, it’s a matter of facing the reality of your deck’s true condition. Having an outdoor structure that provides entertainment, comfort, and fun is a terrific addition to any house or commercial property. Problems come about when the deck is left in disrepair and becomes unstable, not usable, and an overall eyesore.

It’s great that we live in an ideal location to take advantage of a range of outdoor spaces. But, it is also essential that properly maintain our wooden and composite decks to extend their life and get the most out of them.

Caring for your deck is key to keeping it in good shape. Without appropriate upkeep, you may be faced with paying for expensive repairs or having the deck totally replaced.

While decks are built to last, and you should get many years of enjoyment out of yours, maintenance is important. Our team of deck refinishing contractors in Portland, Oregon can help you with repairs, restoration, remodeling, staining and more.

We are prepared to assist you with board replacement, lattice repairs, staining and restoration, replacement of fasteners, railing reinforcement and repair, staircase replacement and repair, and much more.

Contact our friendly team today for a free estimate and outstanding residential or commercial service that is affordable and dependable.

Our wood deck repair process

We never cut corners when it comes to deck quality and safety. We also never insist on repair that aren’t necessary.

For a total deck replacement, or small or large repairs, trust our experience professionals to restore and enhance your outdoor living area.

Our step-by-step process is as follows:

  1. Our contractors provide a detailed assessment of your deck and the surrounding area
  2. We develop a thorough and appropriate repair plan and project timeline.
  3. We implement needed repairs, restoration, and refinishing work.
  4. We strengthen all structural components and tighten fasteners
  5. We offer you maintenance tips to help you better maintain your deck

To learn more about our deck repair and refinishing methods, please contact us at your convenience.

Guidelines for maintaining your decking

Follow our easy tips for simple and affordable maintenance of all wood decks:

  • Routinely sweep a wooden deck to decrease and avoid accumulation of dirt, dust, and soil.
  • Use a power washer to get rid of mildew and other stubborn stains.
  • Carefully apply stains, sealants, and deck brighteners per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Monitor your deck for decay by gently pushing a screwdriver into the wood at various spots. If it goes through with little effort, board replacement is needed.