Deck Staining in Portland, oregon

Top-rated paint and stain services for your wood deck

To our team, restoring a deck involves refinishing, rejuvenating, and refurbishing it into a beautiful and comfortable outdoor living space. Our deck contractors in Portland, Oregon are ready to help you no matter what is ailing your deck — worn down paint, fading, weathered wood, or damages that need repaired.

The first step in any staining or painting job is cleaning and brightening the wood followed by thorough drying. After a few days, stain and seal can be is important to make sure it is applied evenly. An uneven application can result in a blotchy look, poor waterproofing in some areas, and a shorter lifespan for your deck.

After staining or painting, our experts inspect the deck to ensure precise application. We wipe the deck down with stain brushes, pads, and rags to complete the job. You must wait 48 to 72 hours to return furniture and use the deck.

Our deck painting process is similar. After thorough sanding, cleaning and drying that removes old paint and stain, mildew, mold and dirt particles, we apply two coats of paint — waiting at least four hours between coatings. Same paints require more time between coats.

Our certified pros use only premium products and materials that look great and provide a long-lasting finish.

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Why hire our contractors for your deck refinishing project?

When proper cleaning, staining, and painting practices are performed, a deck renovation project will produce quality results every time. Using our best practices methods will help your deck look outstanding and protect it from the elements for many years to come. 

For more than two decades we have stained and remodeled hundreds of residential and commercial decks in the Portland, OR area. It’s what we do. We specialize in every level of deck maintenance and care.

We realize there are several contractors that deliver a wider variety of construction- and painting-type services than our company does. Yet, we are extremely confident that once you do your research and due diligence, you will come to recognize the vast advantages of hiring an exterior deck specialist (like ours) over a jack-of-all-trades entity.

You can trust our skilled and experienced professionals for quality and affordable workmanship that will exceed your expectations. We look forward to working with you on a personal level to meet your needs, tastes and budgets. Get in touch for a free estimate!